Elena And Billy

Muziek en tekst: Michon Sprengers en Stephan van Rijt

Elena and Billy
Met in a cocktailbar, not far
From the suburbs of Philly
She had a broken down car

Thursty she drank his beer
He drowned in het eyes

Elena took Billy
Outside, that’s when he saw her cash
And she answered silly
“My husband, he dumped me just like trash”

The bar served an atmosphere
He swallowed her lies

So they drank – One more drink
Made a joke – Took some coke
And they laughed – Laughed again
Took a smoke – The same joke
Sang a song – Things went wrong
And they danced – Officer
All night long – Came along

They ran and took Billy’s wheels
With the bag full of dough

Elena and Billy
And all of the money that she stole
From Frankie the mobster
Little knew Billy, she had one goal

For a woman that lies and steals
Loves a guy just for show

So they hid – The police
From the law – Took him down
Dark motel – Put in jail
’s All he saw – Out of town
Was caught up – And Elena
Shot a man – She found
And she ran – The next bar

Elena and …Johnny
Met in a cocktailbar…