Goldie Wayne

Muziek en tekst: Michon Sprengers en Stephan van Rijt

Wayne likes gambling, cigarettes and beer
He is a hustler
Has no fear
A man of the street
Every day another bed
A woman on each hand
He is a ladies’ man
With a smile on their face
They call him Goldie Wayne
Every time smooth talk, that’s his game

Wayne becomes cheeky, sneaky and hot-brained
Get’s into trouble
And runs in vain
He cheats on his best friend
By sleeping with his wife
Tough guys are looking for him
Gambling debts define his life
With a smile on their face
They wanna deal with Goldie Wayne
Every time afraid, his last game

Wayne is disappointed, tired and sad
He is all alone
And lies whole days in bed
The clock is ticking slowly
It’s driving him insane
Waiting for the moment
A plan will pop up from his brain
With a smile on his face
To come back as Goldie Wayne
This is the time for his last game

His Church is collecting money, for his funeral and tombstone
For Wayne says he is dying
He wants to be alone
The community awaits his dying day
They say he is very ill
But the collection box is empty
When they want to pay the bill
With a smile on his face
Under the tropical sun
Wayne enjoys a good life, his game is done.