Home Is My Heart’s Home

Muziek en tekst: Michon Sprengers en Stephan van Rijt

Staring at the flames
Camp-fire makes
It’s warmth embraces me gently
Orange dances friendly
On crackling fire and rosy cheaks

Preview of new day
Soft it swayes
My room a green carpet, waving
It smells like spring, it’s leaving
Sounds of joy and laughter

Home is my heart’s home
Not Paris, nor Rome
No umbrageous boundery
Just spacious and true
Could just as easily be you

Birds fill the sky
And I try
To follow their example to be free
Airworthy me
I will agree
No matter if the sun sets to the west
I will rest
In peace – if this
Would be the last of days
I’ll be fulfilled
My home I’ve found
Save and sound
No more real collosus left to mount

So now I’ve found my home
And I comb
My hair in slow strokes, I’m dreaming
And realize the meaning
Of all that has come my way

Respectfully I greet
All those who meet
Their biggest fear and will conquer
Leaving me in wonder
Could all feel what I feel