No Sailor

Muziek en tekst: Michon Sprengers en Stephan van Rijt

Tiny Tom Taylor
Would love to be sailor
So when still a child
He read books breathing sea
His brothers and sisters
All thought him a failure
But Tiny Tom knew pretty sure what to be

Built a boat, was his plan
But he cut himself than
So his parents they took his one knife
And his teacher he said
He was good with his head
So to study became his new life

But Tiny Tom Taylor
Would rather be sailor
So after he finished
His homework he ran
For he knew there and then
He was not a team player
And at home was just seen
As a boy, not a man

Made a raft with some rope
And he left full of hope
As he peddled his way to the sea
He was captain and first mate
Up ahead lied his fate
There was Tiny Tom finally free

But the shanties he sang
Soon died out with a bang
For a wave forced him close to the brim
Tumbled forward and fell
To the sea with a yell
As he never did learn how to swim

Now Tiny Tom Taylor
Will never be sailor
They say all they found
Was his Tiny Tom hat
Not captain or first mate
For Tom was much frailer
And water it seamed
Not his real habitat