Muziek en tekst: Michon Sprengers en Stephan van Rijt

Broken promises
In the attic lonely cupboard
Box with your name, box with mine
On the floor still undecided
Photographs of better times

But sometimes it feels like clouds are forming
Passing by in rage
And behind the anger, suddenly
The reader turns the page

Life is like a storybook
Filled with chapters of your being
I gave my book to you for reading

Be my cover ‘till the morning
Keep me safe all through the night
If you read me, keep my secret
And in darkness be my guide
(It’s an open-ended story
And you decide how it unfolds)

You threw my book away
All that’s left is shredded paper
Half consumed by mice and men
If you had enough of reading
Tell me how to enthrall you then

For sometimes I hope that clouds dissolve
And you’ll be coming home
That you’ll read my words in black and white
And skies no longer moan