The Man From Brussels

Muziek en tekst: Michon Sprengers en Stephan van Rijt

A man from Brussels
In the poring rain
With his hat and suitcase
Took a train
To a far out suburb
Where he’d never been
So now his new life
Could finally begin

No one would miss him
He was just some guy
But his grey appearance, I say
Was just a big old lie, ai

Cause the man from Brussels
Umbrella up
He had a yearning
Impossible to stop
He took his suitcase
To his hotel
And what was in it
The people soon would tell

A big mouth and red nose, red nose
Some floppy shoes
The man from Brussels, they say
A clown’s life he choose

So the man from Brussels
No longer grey
He threw his old
Identity away
The local people
Made a photograph
Of the happy people
He made laugh

The man from Brussels
Known by all
They placed his statue
In the town hall
The man from Brussels
A colorful guy
His reason to come here
No one knew why

The man from Brussels…The man from Brussels…The man from Brussels…